The Power of WITHOUT – Keynote

Keynote by Lord Norman Foster – The Power of WITHOUT.

By 2050, 68% of the population will be urban, which means that most of the global population growth, wealth creation, innovation, energy consumption, and CO2 generation will be concentrated in cities. How cities develop over the next twenty years will largely determine our ability to address the grand societal challenges of our era, from climate change to public health.

90% of 21st century urban growth is expected to happen in the vast shantytowns of informal settlements, or in cities with almost nonexistent or collapsing infrastructure. What if heavy infrastructure can be replaced WITH lightweight, distributed and ultimately autonomous systems? Lord Norman Foster will explore a future WITHOUT top-down and increasingly obsolete systems in his opening keynote.

Folowed by a conversation with Gesa Ziemer, City Science Lab Hamburg, and Kent Larson, MIT City Science.

Lightning Talks

Guadalupe Babio, MIT Media Lab

John Clippinger, MIT Media Lab

Naroa Coretti, MIT Media Lab

Maja Göpel, German Advisory Council on Global Change

Kire Ilioski, Director, Office of the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Don Ingber, Wyss Institute at Harvard

Heba Allah Essam E. Khalil, Cairo University

Michael Lin, MIT Media Lab

Tod Machover, MIT Media Lab

Jörg Noenning, CityScienceLab, HCU

Ariel Noyman, MIT City Science

Joëlle Pianzola, ETH Zurich

Michael Uwemedimo, Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform