How to rethink digital process chains for formal and informal settlements

Rear 3 | 10:30-12:00 | Challenge 1

Daniel Mondino & BIM, Emiliya Popova, David Ehrenreich, Suleiman Alhadidi, Christian Jara Figueroa

The workshop addresses the role and value of digital data chain in shaping and maintaining the built environment. The workshop will investigate the processes used for the creation and maintaining of building level datasets for existing and new buildings in two scenarios; a smart city, and an informal settlement. In addition, the application and interrelation of these datasets on a multi-level scale will be explored: from plot to city, and within the context of a data ecosystem.

Each group at this workshop will look at a societal need or a challenge that can be resembled in a dataset such as affordable housing, clean energy, clean water and air, availability and access to public and third spaces. In this context, built environment datasets are not usually accessible by the public or not even exist for informally organized and remote areas. Therefore, this workshop will look at how data can be extracted from informal settlements and existing buildings and how BIM models can be crowdsourced. This workshop will explore what are the advantages of using these BIM datasets for people and public good.

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