How can we learn from informality? How informality shapes our cities and provides crucial solutions in rapidly urbanizing countries.

Rear 2 | 10:30-12:00 | Challenge 1

Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor, Markus Elkatsha, Marie Malchow, Lisa Reudenbach

Learning from Informality: In situations where governments are not ensuring basic services for their citizens, many communities rely on informal processes to provide for their basic needs. In the session, we will get to know 3-4 grassroots initiatives from around the world and how they are finding informal solutions to topics such as waste management, mobility, off-grid energy-solutions, security&safety and other basic needs. We will discover and discuss the advantages and challenges arising from informality.

Speakers (titles tbd):
Heba Khalil, Egypt
Mayra Gamboa, Mexico
Jyotimitra Raghuvansh, India
Michael Uwemedimo, Nigeria

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