How digital tools influence art in urban spaces

Offshore | 15:00-16:30 | Challenge 3

Sarah Adam, Hilke Berger, Vanessa Weber, Kathrin Wildner, Guest Artist: Alsino Skowronnek

The adoption of data-intensive machine-learning methods can be found everywhere, from science, technology and commerce to art, culture and everyday urban life. The rapid propagation of the socalled artificial intelligence leads to many questions. What happens when the juxtaposition of digital and analog becomes more and more obsolete? How is this process changing our perception of the world? What defines creativity in our postdigital age? How does the relationship between humans and machines change in art?

In this workshop we take the “Amazing Augmented Tagger Machine” by Alsino Skowronnek as a starting point for a discussion about the interface between artificial Intelligence, urban art and public space. The Tagger Machine explores the potential of artificial intelligence in the creative process of graffiti writing. It employs machine learning to generate novel street tags that transcend traditional letter forms. Visitors will be able to live-generate their own ML graffiti tags in the ghostly belly of a deep convolution neural network and then transfer them to a real surface using paint. The result is an interactive installation of ML augmented tags in physical space.

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