How networks enable (spatial) data-driven research and development

Cabin 2B | 12:15-13:30 | Challenge 2

Jochen Schiewe, Sebastian Meier

Research and development in the field of data-driven systems has become the focus of many funding programs at state and federal level in recent years. These programs are aimed not only at research institutions but also specifically at industry. Startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are often specifically targeted. For a successful application a good mix of strong partners from industry and research is crucial. Especially for industry, the question arises as to how such funding options are compatible with one’s own economic goals. As part of the workshop, we want to build a network with a focus on urban data and its processing in order to jointly submit proposals in application fields such as mobility, infrastructures or planning. We want to share research and development interests to anticipate them for future applications.

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