How to build on informality and support unconventional solutions to urban challenges.

Rear 2 | 12:15-13:30 | Challenge 2

Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor, Markus Elkatsha, Marie Malchow, Lisa Reudenbach,

Speakers (titles tbd):
Heba Khalil, Egypt
Mayra Gamboa, Mexico
Jyotimitra Raghuvansh, India
Michael Uwemedimo, Nigeria

Building on Informality and the challenges and solutions outlined in the previous session. The question is, given that many large populations around the world are urbanizing at an unprecedented rate and scale, cities are facing the monumental challenge of providing adequate infrastructure and basic services to huge segments of the population seeking jobs and services found in cities. In most instances, traditional infrastructure solutions will be too costly, take too long to implement, and may require the displacement of large numbers of people. In this session, we will discuss the question: What is a healthy (practical) or useful degree of informality and what type of informality needs to be avoided? In addition, we will explore interventions that could build upon or replicate existing informal strategies in alternate contexts. How can stakeholders and policy makers create incentives that foster or support the emergence of grass roots or informal solutions to urban challenges?

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