How researching the digital city can contribute to a more understandable future of academia

Cabin 4 | 10:30-12:00 | 12:15-13:30 | 15:00-16:30

Raphael Schwegmann

How to conceptualize digital change and digital city research theoretically? What perspectives do researchers offer, allow and create? And what about the b/orders of theoretically informed digital city research in an era of necessary dialogue with practitioners, politics and the informed public?

This ‘academic track’ within the CSSummit 2019 will generally and critically elaborate on the intertwinements of science, technology, and cities. How do science and technology shape urban environments, how do urban environments shape science and technology? Who are the architects and actors behind these processes? Additionally, the track will discuss recent theoretical approaches on how to look at the intersection between digitalization and cities scientifically, as well as how to define one’s
role as a researcher. What does it mean to look at cities scientifically and which presumptions lead our
view while researching? What kind of difficulties do we face in transdisciplinary research environments
and what does it mean to work transdisciplinary with a focus on the future of cities?

“Methods without Methodologies” is a relatively open format concerning its content and topics. It is especially open to young researchers (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers), but also generally to all those interested in presenting their academic work on the digital city.

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