2nd day Program

The Day 2 of the Summit - Wednesday, October 2nd - invites for an active participation in 25 workshops - called FORA - that are scheduled within 3 sessions - called CHALLENGES - in different spaces at the HafenCity University. Each FORUM has an unique subject and will be moderated by two (or more) hosts - researchers from one of the City Science Labs worldwide or guests from our local partners.

Please choose one of the simultaneously held FORA per CHALLENGE and join the discussions there. All outcomes will be presented in a highly-paced, exciting joint session at 17:00 - where also the co-edited documentation of the day will be launched.

Please find more information on the FORA by clicking on their title; use the bar below to see the remaining part of the timetable.

Additionally you will find different exhibitions in the foyers of the HCU, more informations below.

Day 2
KindergartenRear 2Rear 3Cabin 2ACabin 2BCabin 3Cabin 4Commander's BridgeOffshore
9:30Welcome and Registration
10:30 - 12:00 Challenge 1
12:00Coffee break
12:15 - 13:30 Challenge 2
13:30Lunch and Networking
15 -16:30
Challenge 3
Hanseat train ride
MP: Exit Foyer 1
17:00 Joint Session wrap up
18:30Get together drinks
19:30 Event Closing

City Science Network Exhibition

Foyer 1

Actuatech Andorra, MIT City Science, Aalto University, Tongji University, Taipei Tech

Hybrid City

a project of Media and Spatial Design students of AMD Fa­cul­ty­ of ­De­si­gn

Data is a driving force for urban life and infrastructure. The data is unvisible, but the effects are real.
Students of the spatial design course at the AMD Fa­cul­ty­ of ­De­si­gn Hoch­schu­le F­re­se­ni­us connect real city space with the realm of digital data. Their design interventions help to create new local identities, they generate attention or suggest solutions.

The project is a result of the seminar Media and Spatial Design supervised by Prof. Vera Doerk and Dipl. Ing. Martin Kohler. It has been presented at the Altonaer Museum in June 2019.